Château d’Yequm

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Art piece inspired from Château Haut-Brion. In 1533, Jean de Pontac bought the noble house of Haut-Brion, giving birth to a large vineyard, whose sustainability will be ensured through the centuries by only four families: Fumel, Talleyrand, the Larrieu and Dillon. Located in the Bordeaux region, the estate covers 51 hectares. Talented winemaker, Jean-Bernard Delmas, designed a winery to refine the extraction of tannins preserving the aromatic potential of the grapes. Haut-Brion is a precocious, fleshy and very tasty wine with a beautiful bouquet of caramelised black fruit jam and a smoky tinge. It is often recognised in tasting with a light touch of cold coffee on the finish. Rather quickly pleasant to drink, it ages well, showing remarkable longevity.

Annual production : 15 0000 bottles.

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